Pioneer Park

During 1996  Gisborne and Mount Macedon Districts Historical Society created the Gisborne Pioneer Park adjacent to the Court House, by securing Government funding and Local Government support, to provide work for unemployed youth of the district. This project included the laying of paving stones from a former heritage site, the building of a thirty three metre long bluestone wall, landscaping of the area and completion of the restoration of the bluestone lockup, brick stables and the privy.
The Gisborne Pioneer Park was officially opened on Australia Day 1997 with unveiling of the first plaques. Ever since that time, families have continued to place family plaques on the pioneer wall, to commemorate the work of our early district pioneers.

If you are interested in placing a plaque on our Pioneer Wall to remember one of your ancestors who was resident in this district prior to 1945, make a commitment now and ask members of your extended family to share the cost and create a focus for yourselves and your descendants whenever visiting Gisborne.

Prices of plaques are available on application.



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